GeMei stone Countertop lavatory sink factory will join 2023 Guangzhou Design Week


GeMei stone Countertop lavatory sink factory will join 2023 Guangzhou Design Week 

Started in 2006, China's first large-scale B2B exhibition with curated theme of "D+B, Design+Brands", focusing on the development of designers' channel value and promoting the docking and cooperation between designers and brands. It is the largest D+B, Design+Brands Expo in China with the largest number of participants, the most extensive influence and the highest degree of internationalization.

It aims to build a transaction promotion platform with accurate and effective marketing, trend release and other demands for professional groups such as investors, developers, designers, suppliers and distributors by organizing and gathering high-quality resources in the design industry chain at home and abroad.

After more than ten years of iterative growth, now there are more than 1000 brand enterprises and institutions from 20+ countries around the world, which are suitable for the new business form of contemporary human settlement life aesthetics, such as design/cultural innovation/art/trend/intelligence/soft decoration/materials/high quality joint exhibition, releasing new products, new technologies and new trends. At the same time, Guangzhou Design Week, together with many super curators, will hold dozens of themed exhibitions centering on five aesthetic fields of "design + material aesthetics", "design + art aesthetics", "design + trend aesthetics" and "design + life aesthetics". In addition, more than 100 wonderful activities in the fields of "New business/cultural innovation/real estate/design/art/fashion/fashion/artificial intelligence/life aesthetics" under the Guangzhou Design Week will be held at the same time. The professionalism of participating brands, the richness of exhibits, the wonderful curatorial content and the diversification of activity themes have all topped the Asian design industry, which is known as the first exhibition in Asia.

■ Six exhibition areas

Better Life Design exhibition area

The space/art/product/lighting/brand and trend design related to the private house and new commercial forms, as well as the design-driven lifestyle brand and all kinds of aesthetic living objects emphasizing the sense of design.

Fine furniture lighting exhibition area

Suitable for private homes and new commercial space of all kinds of design of finished furniture, high-quality custom furniture; And all kinds of intelligent decorative lamps, functional lamps, lighting equipment, electrical switch and intelligent control system.

Fashion home soft decoration exhibition area

All kinds of household utensils, curtains, cloth art, carpet, flowers, plants, wall decoration, space decorative art, etc. with guiding lifestyle as the core proposition.

Gao Ding home system exhibition area

Suitable for private homes and new commercial space of advanced solid installation system, kitchen and bathroom system, heating system, fresh air system, dust removal system, water treatment system, hot water system, solar energy, air energy, smart home system, painting, etc.

Intelligent whole house exhibition area

Suitable for private homes and new commercial space of the whole house decoration related products, technologies and services, including all kinds of integrated products, floor materials, finishing materials, doors and Windows, shading, hardware, equipment and solutions.

Building decoration materials exhibition area

All kinds of new decoration materials and products applicable to ceiling, floor, wall, acoustics, light and shadow, electricians in indoor and outdoor decoration projects of private houses and new commercial buildings.

Exhibition objects: Party A owners, real estate developers, designers, engineers, brand owners, channel dealers and media people who have business needs for design and material selection。

GeMei stone Countertop lavatory sink factory has over 10 years' experience in making solid surface bathware products, which is located in Guangzhou City and near the baiyun airport. 

There are over 100 worker and over 10 thousand square meters ' workshop . 

The products includes  Countertop lavatory sink, bathtub , shower tray ,counter top , which have obtained the CE,ISO9001 , CUPC certificates.

We hope to see you in the exhibition.

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