Why choose china composite stone bathtub?


Bathtub always play a key role on your bathroom design.

And china composite stone bathtub would be the best choice for you .


What is composite stone?

composite stone is a synthetically manufactured (manmade) material, composed of a blend of natural minerals and synthetic or plant-based resins. The mixture can be poured and seamlessly molded into virtually any shape and size.

The material is a popular choice for bathtubs due to its luxuriously smooth texture and heat-retention properties; china composite stone bathtub tub walls are warm to the touch so that you can bathe for longer without adding hot water.


1.Sleek design

Most composite stone bathtub bathtubs in freestanding style come with a sleek modern design. Every piece delivers the designer’s creative inspiration and passion to the modern, free lifestyle. A simple stylish freestandingcomposite stone bathtub sitting in a modern bathroom will greatly enhance the elegance and charming atmosphere of the room

2.Ingenious styles to choose from

composite stone’s flexibility with both design and manufacture means it is easy to make into various shapes and styles. This flexibility leads to the diversification of the composite stonebathtub’s style, which range from oval and round to rectangular or vessel shaped. With almost any shape you can imagine, a designer can help you to realize this in reality with a unique composite stone bathtub for your bathroom decor.

3.Custom color available

Not only available in white like many other kinds of bathtub materials, composite stone products can be made into red, black, and many other colors. Even colorful solid surface grains can be put into to the mix to make the surface look colorful. There is also both glossy and matte finishes available to meet with specific demands.

4.Very durable

composite stone freestanding bathtub can come with a body between 1.8 and 5cm thick. This means it can undergo decades wear and tear and with careful sanding and polishing, the surface quality can be renewed making it look as good as new even after many years.

5.Easy to maintain

There is no need to worry about fixing complex spray jets after years like when using a hydro tub, as most composite stone bathtubs are simple in the freestanding style, without complex hydro jets and without hassle. Just like sanitary ware products, routine care will keep your composite stone bathtub in good condition for many years.

6.Low thermal conduction

Compared to cast iron bathtubs and the cold feeling of the surface, a composite stone bathtub feels warmer and gentler as it has low thermal conduction and can retain heat longer.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique bathtub for your household or commercial building that represents your style and taste as well as providing high quality use, a composite stone bathtub is the right one for you.

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