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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Solid surface shower tray and marble shower tray?

1.From the grade of the product, marble is more elegant than artificial stone, marble after polishing treatment, will appear very bright, and there is a natural texture. But from the use of the environment and the characteristics of its own material, Solid surface resin than marble is more suitable for the shower room retaining stone base. Marble shower tray hard but easy to crisp, with strong adsorption, toilet use if the color of the liquid adsorption on the surface, will leave traces of stains, can not be thoroughly cleaned up, affect the appearance, natural marble is a mixture of elements, which may contain trace radioactive metal elements, so choose the stone when the best to understand all kinds of stone radioactivity control standards.


2. Solid surface refers to the structure of resin and Aluminium powder concrete, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. The hardness of marble is relatively large, but generally fragile, and because it contains some trace metal elements, has a certain radiation, is certain harm to the human body, so it is better to use Solid surface shower tray (another name artificial stone shower tray) at home. Solid surface hardness and toughness is good, the surface of the polymer material resin as a protective layer, wear-resistant and no absorption.So Artificial stone is recommended. 

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